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High Resolution Lithography

Vistec VB6 UHR EWF Tool

The electron beam lithography facility is equipped with a state of the art machine capable of writing extremely high resolution patterns. This capability can be used to produce both single levels of extreme resolution patterning and complex multi-layered devices with high accuracy pattern alignment. The available machine is a Vistec VB6 UHR EWF, which is a state of the art high resolution wide field tool capable of handling substrates up to 200 mm.

We have over 20 years experience of nanoimprint lithography, first using a manual press before commercial tools became available. We now have an Obducat tool which allows samples up to 65 mm to be processed. The system has demonstrated features down to 20 nm and has a 250 °C stage and pneumatic press that can operate up to 70 bar (but normally used at 20 bar). We have significant experience manufacturing nanoimprint stamps up to 200 mm diameter.

This depth of experience at Glasgow is central to our ability to translate your needs to high resolution patterning. The specifications for each machine are listed to the right.


Vistec VB6 UHR EWF
Nanoimprint Lithography