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Vistec VB6 UHR EWF

Vistec VB6 UHR EWF Tool

  • Commissioned December 2005
  • Gaussian beam step and exposure writing strategy Thermal Field Emission gun operating at 100 kV
  • 50 MHz pattern processor
  • Distributed processing power for fast pattern transcription and run times
  • Extra wide field deflection (EWF) system to 1.3 mm at 100 kV
  • A range of substrate types up to 200 mm in size
  • 10-position multi substrate load lock
  • Ultra high resolution (UHR) performance with minimum spot size around 4 nm
  • Measurement resolution 0.62 nm (lambda/1024)
  • Automatic aperture changer and alignment
  • Buffered shape server to deliver typically 60,000 shapes/sec


Vistec VB6 UHR EWF
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