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Probe Station

Kelvin Nanotechnology supplies a range of products for nanotech applications.

Nano Imprint Masks

We manufacture nano imprint lithography masks for use in all commercial imprint tools. Imprint masks can be supplied in silicon, nickel and quartz. Standard masks can be supplied for evaluation as well as bespoke masks for your specific requirements.

Production Electron Beam Lithography

With 30 years of experience using commercial electron beam lithography tools, Kelvin Nanotechnology is ideally suited to providing high resolution solutions for your manufacturing needs.

Scanning Thermal Microscopy Probes

Scanning thermal microscopy probes are available for resale through instrument manufacturers and distributors, the probe offers excellent flexibility but with a standard low spring constant Si3N4 cantilever for easy scanning and high resolution.


Imprint Templates
Production Ebeam
Scanning Probes