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Scanning Themal Microscopy Probes

Scanning Thermal Probe over Integrated Circuit

The Kelvin Nanotechnology KNT-SThM-01a scanning thermal microscopy (SThM) probe is a monolithic, batch fabricated AFM probe for best in class temperature and thermal conductivity mapping. Available for resale through instrument manufacturers and distributors, the probe offers excellent flexibility but with a standard low spring constant Si3N4 cantilever for easy scanning and high resolution.

The tip is manufactured using a multi-layer, direct written electron beam lithography technique developed at the University of Glasgow. Gold pads and tracks connect to a Palladium sensor and heater positioned at the sharp tip apex. Trimming resistors on the probe base adjust the total resistance to fit with most wheatstone bridge thermal scanning units available from instrument manufacturers. Sub 100 nm topographic and thermal spatial resolution is readily achieved, with a temperature resulution of 0.1 °K.

The KNT-SThM-01a probe is currently available from Anasys Instruments and Park AFM.

Technical notes on SThM are available from both companies
Anasys Instruments
Park AFM


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